The kitchen is a workshop where ideas take shape. Our roots and traditions take center stage. They gradually draw from our experiences the new vitality needed to develop our creativity without ever forgetting our identity and origins.

Gandria's cuisine is based precisely on this point, highlighting the artisan production, freshness, origin and seasonality of the products. In particular, these are special Italian products such as the "cipolla di Tropea" (red onion from Calabria), the "uova delle Langhe" (eggs from Piedmont), the "finocchietto marchigiano" (fennel from the Marche), the 'nocciola gentile IGP dal Piemonte' (hazelnut from Piedmont), the 'limoni di Amalfi' (lemons from Campania), the Apulian 'cime di rape' (stalk cabbage) and artichokes, the 'zucche mantovane' (pumpkin from Lombardy); blue bishop's mitre) as well as special potato varieties from faraway Apulia. These are just a few examples that best illustrate the idea of Italian culture that we want to bring to the fore.

The real novelty of Adriano is to offer a modern Italian cuisine with an antique taste, that is to say dishes that are part of the heritage of Italian culture and are still unknown on the Swiss market today, following his own style and modern cooking methods, in absolute respect of every ingredient, from the poorest to the most prestigious.

"The best at the end": the confectionery is another strength above which the imagination and the imagination of the dessert according to Adriano rotate in absolute freedom with recipes of own creation.