Born and raised in Taranto, Adriano, born and raised in Taranto, after his first and only professional experience in Puglia, leaves his native region to continue his studies and to explore the Italian territory from a culinary point of view.

He obtained his diploma from the Hotel Management School in Senigallia, in central Italy, where he extended his professional experience in luxury hotels between the Marche and Lake Como, then in 1997 in London, where he gained two further experiences in star-rated Italian restaurants (Toto's - Halkin Hotel).

He continues his journey outside the Italian borders with the EXPO 1998 in Portugal, where as a young teacher he teaches regional Italian cuisine in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Lisbon.

He then worked again in England, on the Channel Islands, as a Chef at a "Charm & Relax" and then moved to Bermuda to work as Head Chef.

He will return to Italy in the summer of 2000, where he will stay at the prestigious "Tivoli" in Cortina d'Ampezzo, awarded with three forks of the "Gambero Rosso", until the business is closed.

In 2002 he definitely moves to Milan. Here he discovers the "paradise" in terms of products quality and variety. The opportunity to work with the finest raw materials from all over Italy and abroad enabled him to make an almost unsurpassable leap in creativity and dynamism and to develop his great passion for confectionery and natural sourdough. This is the time he himself describes as his "workshop of perfection".

He obtained three professional certificates in confectionery and wrote a cookbook on the subject of Business Lunch, a work that perfectly combines style, graphic design and communication of food.

Since 2008, he has been moving to Zurich with his wife from Zurich for a life project and has been gaining two professional experiences as a chef, so to speak, as a "start-up", where he cannot fully exploit his potential and his idea of ​​kitchen.

On the threshold of his eighth year in Zurich, he decides to take over the Gandria restaurant in one of the city's most enchanting districts.